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Tiny House Article on CNN

September 23, 2012 Leave a comment



CNN has an article on tiny houses. Even more interesting than the article are the audience comments. There’s definitely something to be said for down-to-earth, simple, self-sufficient living. I once downsized from a 1,000 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on 0.20 acre to a 300 foot in-law suite with its own small kitchen and bath in a house that sat on a 3 acre lot. Even with two large dogs, an L-shaped desk, and queen-sized bed, the space was very comfortable and did not feel cramped after I got rid of the unnecessary clutter I collected over the year. Looking forward to recreating this one day by building a tiny house on a very large tract of land in the middle of untouched, pristine wilderness where I can have my own garden, orchard, and dog park right in my backyard.

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