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Orchard Before Clearing

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Here are some videos of what the vacant lot looks like as a crew is getting ready to start work on clearing it so I can convert it into my personal private orchard.

Here’s the panoramic view from the south side of the property. ┬áThe lot has gone unmaintained for decades and is extremely overgrown.

Here’s the panoramic view standing at the border between the large empty lot and the smaller empty street lot which was also included in transaction. ┬áThe orchard will only be on the large lot since the small lot gets very little sun due to surrounding trees which are probably close to 100 years in age.

Here’s the panoramic view from the north side of the property

Lastly, here is an aerial shot from Google maps accompanied by the survey of the two adjacent lots:

Lot survey

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