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Summer Garden Update

It’s been nearly three months since I started my summer garden. The temperature has dropped significantly in the last couple weeks. Temps are as low as mid-50s at night. Due to my work at the orchard, my summer garden got a very late start in mid-July. As a result, I am still waiting on some crop harvest.

The watermelon patch took over half of my 20 feet x 40 feet garden plot and continues to spread daily. I have three medium size watermelons that I am waiting to ripen. I still see new melon developing despite the colder temps. I plan on retiring the patch once the Three watermelons finish ripening.

Peppers and tomatoes are still fruiting. Since these are not sprawling like the watermelons I plan on keeping these around until I get full crop out of them.

The collards, broccoli, and cauliflower are doing OK but all three are being munched on by caterpillars. On the other hand most my romaine lettuce has done very well and are looking very healthy.

Planting in the wood mulch has resulted in mixed results. The mulch has done an excellent job of retaining moisture so I’ve not had to do any watering even during the hot summer weeks. However, the plants do not seem to be thriving as well as the plants I planted before in my raised bed. I suspect this is due to the lack of nutrition. The raised beds were well fertilized. I am hoping that over time as the mulch
continues to decompose this problem will resolve itself.

Here are some pictures from my summer garden.















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