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Plum and Peach Trees Planted

I had bought my plum and cherry trees a couple of months ago in somewhat of a panic. Fruit trees were getting increasingly harder to find at Home Depot and Lowe’s had put all their fruit trees on clearance. Afraid that I would not be able to find any more fruit trees to plant into the ground at the orchard this year, I bought and planted five plum trees and five cherry trees that Lowe’s had on clearance. While the price was good ($10 each), I was not impressed by their health or size.

This weekend I came cross a large number of fruit trees at the Home Depot in Dunwoody. Their plum and peach trees were good size and looked healthy. To compare, I also went by Pike’s Nursery and also found some nice plum trees there. I ended up picking up three Santa Rosa plum trees and five peach trees from Home Depot and two Medley semi-dwarf plum trees from Pike’s Nursery.




The plum and cherry trees that I bought from Lowe’s were pulled out of the ground, returned to the store, and replaced with the new trees.

Here’s a comparison of the old plum trees with the new Santa Rosa plum trees.


Here’s a comparison of the old cherry trees with the new peach trees.


A view of the row of peach trees after planting.


A view of the row of plum trees after planting.


Here’s a diagram on the current layout of the orchard:


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