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Orchard Plum Tree Planting

I brought 5 plum trees over to the orchard today and managed to get them planted before the evening rain started. The plum trees are the third row of trees being planted at the orchard. The first row of trees is made up of 3 Asian pear trees spaced 30 feet apart. The second row of trees was spaced 20 feet from the first row This second row of trees is made up of 5 persimmon trees spaced 20 feet apart. The plum trees planted today make up the third row of trees. Originally, I had planned to space all the rows 20 feet apart. Since then, I have decided that I will be pruning the trees to keep their height and width manageable. As such, going forward I plan on having 15 feet of spacing, rather than 20 feet of spacing, between rows of trees. Today’s row of plums were thus spaced 15 feet from the previous row of persimmon trees. With today’s planting, the total tree count at the orchard is now 13!







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