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Free Mulch!

Fully inspired after watching Back to Eden yesterday, I searched on Craigslist and found someone just 10 miles from me who had requested a load of mulch from a tree company and then realized just how large a truckload of mulch was.  Desperate to get rid of their Mulch Mountain, they were offering the mulch free to all takers.  I swung by at 10AM this morning with my 5 x 8 trailer which holds about 9 cubic yards and proceeded to load, haul, and unload  load after load.  By 6PM, I had managed to haul away 6 loads totaling over 50 cubic yards.  Even at bulk pricing, single grind mulch (not  decorative but good for ground cover and erosion control) costs $8 per cubic yard.  So after a long day’s work, I had solved their Mulch Mountain dilemma, got a good start to implementing what I learned from Back to Eden, and saved myself about $500.  Everyone benefited and everyone’s happy.  Thank you Lisa for the free mulch!

Based on the mulch calculator here, for my 110 feet x 195 feet lot, I still need another 200  cubic yards to cover my entire lot.  Time to contact all the tree companies and hope that I can get some truckloads brought out and dumped for free.

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