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Back to Eden Movie

One of the things I have truly enjoyed as a side product of my meat rabbit operation is all the like-minded people who come to me to purchase foundation stock.  Today, Gary from Gainesville came to pick up his 2 bucks and 6 does.  As we talked about his reasons for getting into raising meat rabbits, he discusses with me his interest in growing his own food on his 5.5 acre lot.  Since I have similar interest, we talked at length about what we were doing and what we have learned. During our conversation, Gary mentioned to me an approach to gardening shown in a movie called Back to Eden.

When I got home, I looked up Back to Eden and was excited to find out that it was a movie which has been made publicly available online. I began watching it and immediately what I saw made so much sense that I knew I had just stumbled upon the true solution to my orchard watering dilemma.  This was reaffirmed when the gardener who is the focus of the movie stated that he has never watered his orchard since its inception 31 years ago through droughts in an area with gets 15 to 18 inches of rain a year.  When I bought my orchard lot, I ruled out growing vegetables due to the lack of municipal water supply.  Based on what was shown in the movie, I now believe that I can grow not only trees at the orchard but vegetables as well without artificial supply of water.  The information was so refreshing and logical that I placed an order for the DVD.

Throughout the movie, the clips of Paul Gautschi’s orchard showed trees whose limbs were arched downwards.  This seemed very convenient as it placed the fruits at a height which facilitated the picking.  In addition, with this arrangement and fruit which dropped would not have far to go before they reached the ground and would be much more likely to be undamaged.  The DVD has bonus contents not shown in the movie, including a how-to on pruning fruit trees.   I am very excited to see how this is done so I can apply the information to my own orchard.

If you have not seen this amazing movie, I highly recommend it.   The approach used is not mainstream but instead mimics what occurs naturally in nature and the results speak volume about the soundness of the logic behind it.  I have learned through experience that truth is blindly clear and amazingly simple.  This was no different.  I was so impressed that I looked for other information on Paul Gautschi and found the following videos on Youtube which also contain a wealth of information.

Thank you Gary for introducing me to this amazing movie.





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