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Raised Bed Garden Update

The raised bed I built and planted in five weeks ago is doing amazingly well. The Chinese cabbages which were already doing very well when I did my last video has continued to grow and is now so big that they are crowding each other. The kale and the collards received a recent growth boost after a day of rain and are now looking magnificent also. The horseradish leaves have also continued to grow like it’s on steroids. The garden has been a breeze to maintain. The soil mixture remains moist and loose so even when the occassional weed pops up, a gentle pull extracts it with its full root system. I am very pleased with how well this garden is yielding especially considering the minimal efforts to maintain it. Also, considering it’s my first stab at square foot gardening, I think the results are considerably better than what I have seen at many of the beds at the community gardens. I wonder if my rabbit manure is the secret ingredient. I am so pleased with the results thus far that I am already thinking about starting another bed to give the tomatoes and beans more elbow room and sun. I would also love to try my hands at some eggplants, squash, and watermelons.

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