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Orchard Watering Solutions

One of the challenges I knew I would face with the orchard lot that I purchased was the lack of municipal water.  Getting water service would not be very difficult but would not be cheap.  Meter installation by itself is $2,000.  Then I would have to pay for trench and line installation to bring the water from the street to the orchard which will probably run another $2,000 at least.  When I made the decision to purchase the lot, I made up my mind to abandon municipal water in order to stay true to my efforts to become self-sustainable.  My plan was to haul water from my house for the first year or two until the fruit trees were established enough to draw ground water on their own.  I also thought about possibly building a shed at the orchard to provide a surface for rain harvesting.

Since I have my hands full at the moment, building a shed is out of the question.  So I started to look at solutions available for watering trees efficiently.  The first one I found was a tree watering bag from TreeGator.  I have seen this used for the trees lining city streets.  Further research led me to Tree IV Root Feeder from SayeGrow.  This solution seemed superior on multiple counts:

  • Efficiency: Water is fed directly into the ground rather than released onto the ground surface and possibly leading to waste from runoff.
  • Aesthetics: The root feeder is driven into the ground so nothing is visible.
  • Transport: Since a bucket is used to supply the water, the same bucket can be used to transport the water to its destination.  The product is designed with this in mind and plugs are sold to allow for transport of water in the same bucket as the one that the water will be dispensed from.

I placed an order for 10 of their Build Your Own System and Reservoir Plug.  After these arrived, I purchased 10 buckets and lids from Lowe’s and made the final product myself with the use of a 1 3/16 Forstner Bit.  The process was extremely simple.

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