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Another Dog Park?

The purchase of my first empty lot really got me interested in the value of land for my self-sufficiency projects.  With the housing collapse, there is little interest in land since most people on see land as something to build a house on.  Since homes can’t be built right now for less than market value, the value of land has dropped considerably.  Just as speculators have been dumping homes as they have dropped in value, the same is occurring for land lots.  This combination of increased supply and decreased demand has made prices of some empty urban lots extremely attractive.

When I made my previous purchase, I thought I scored a rare find of 0.75 contiguous acre just 5 miles from downtown Atlanta and at a reasonable price.  Today, I decided to search for vacant lots again but at a slightly larger radius from my home than previously searched.  To my amazement, I found an amazing lot for sale.  While this lot is further from my home it is still just a short ten minute drive away.  Located 10 miles from downtown Atlanta, this wooded 2.5 acre lot is on a quiet residential street was listing for $4,000.  I drove over to view the lot during my lunch break and didn’t see anything that would be cause for concern.  The lot, while wooded, was mostly covered by very small trees and saplings, most of which could be easily taken down.  The majority of the lot was hidden behind other street lots.  This, combined with the abundance of small trees gave it a lot of privacy.  The lot seemed to also be fairly level.  For the price that it was listing at, even if I never did anything with it, it would make an even better dog park than the lot I just purchased last Friday.

I immediately called my realtor and asked her to find out if the property was still available.  An hour later, she called me back to report that it was and I asked that she submit an offer of $3,000 for this 2.5 acre lot.  I am hoping that since the listing has been active for a very long time, the bank will be eager to let it go.  My realtor still thinks I am crazy for wanting to buy up empty lots and turning them into orchards and dog parks.  However, even she admits that this one would be a steal!

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