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Lot(s) for Orchard Purchased and Surveyed

Today, I closed my purchase of two adjacent bank-owned vacant lots which are just minutes from my home and less than 5 miles from downtown Atlanta.  I’ve had my eye of these lots from several months prior.  One large, 0.56 acre lot sits in the middle of all the street facing lots on the four surrounding blocks.  Another adjacent, regular-sized, 0.19 acre lot sits perpendicular to it.  The large lot gets full sun for the majority of the day which made it ideal for growing.  I had originally planned on starting a community garden but then gave up on the idea when I found out that neither lots had water service.  After some consideration, I decided that  it would be feasible to grow fruit trees instead.  The thought was that the trees would need watering initially for the first one or two years but after that they would be able to meet their own water needs through their established root system.  Transporting of water to the lot seemed doable since I lived less than a mile away.  From this the orchard idea was born!  Even if the idea did not work out, I thought at the very least I will  end up with a private dog park just minutes from my home where I can bring my four dogs to run free.

I also scheduled to have the lots surveyed today.  I plan on fencing in the lot so it is necessary to know where the property boundaries lie.  Survey was completed today and an electronic copy has already been sent to me.  I’ve added an overlay of 10 foot square grids so I can start planning my orchard.

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